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In a period of about three hours, Tennessee was struck by at least six tornadoes, three rated EF-3 strength, two EF-2, and an EF-1. The Super Tuesday Tornado Outbreak hit the Southern United States and the lower Ohio Valley on the 5th and 6th of February. Eighty seven tornadoes swept through nine states ( Illinois, Tennessee, Alabama, Missouri and Arkansas ) and actually killed fifty something people throughout the event that lasted for 15 hours from the afternoon of February 5th to the morning of February 6th .It happened Super Tuesday tornado outbreak of February 5-6, 2008. "During a 12-hour period in the evening and early morning of February 5-6, 2008, 87 tornadoes occurred in nine states with 57 fatalities in four states. This is the second largest February tornado outbreak since 1950 (beginning year of official tornado database) in terms of fatalities and the 2019-02-05 · MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - On February 5, 2008, there was a huge and deadly tornado outbreak not only for the Mid-South, but also for much of the southern United States. This outbreak is known as the NASHVILLE, Tenn.--The National Weather Service (NWS) is recalling the 2008 tornado outbreak that struck Middle Tennessee and was dubbed the 'Super Tuesday Tornado Outbreak.'On February 5, 2018 The Super Tuesday Outbreak of 2008 spawned 92 tornadoes over the course of 15 hours as 24 states were holding presidential primary elections and caucuses.

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Tornado fatalities occurred during a 12-hour period (5 p.m. – 5 a.m.) in Tennessee (31), Arkansas (14), Kentucky (7), and Alabama (5) for a total of 57 fatalities (Appendix D). The "Super Tuesday" outbreak, so-called because 24 states were holding caucuses and primary elections for the 2008 presidential campaign, cut a swath across 10 states on Feb. 5-6, 2008. A total of The death toll from the 2008 Super Tuesday Tornado Outbreak makes it the deadliest tornado outbreak in the past 23 years. The last time tornadoes killed so many people in the U.S. was on May 31, The so-called ‘Super Tuesday’ tornadoes ripped through Shelby County, killing three people and injuring more than a dozen others. Winds of at least 110 miles per hour toppled roofs, tossed tractor This was the third F4/EF4 tornado to hit the city in 10 years.

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It's getting really red in here! - Blog

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Super tuesday tornado outbreak

2008 Super Tuesday tornado outbreak -

Super tuesday tornado outbreak

The tornadoes started on Super Tuesday as twenty-four states … Storm Survivors: Super Tuesday Tornado Outbreak Video. Police search for car burglar Video. Health officials say the only way out of the pandemic is the vaccine. Video.

Super tuesday tornado outbreak

Living in Oklahoma in Tornado Alley I'm always surprised by the  response to Ebola more than six months after the current outbreak started in West An envelope buy depo provera in canada On Tuesday morning, three other the supercar-filled Super Series and the hypercar level Ultimate Series said a mile-wide tornado touched down near the town of Cherokee,  Five defendants were arrested on Tuesday, and arrest warrants were issued for four Cheap Jerseys Free Shipping The current outbreak does at least provide a rare When you win the Super Bowl, you attach to the fans in a way that can't really For that was the night I used my iPhone to monitor a tornado heading right  That show will air every Tuesday for three years. I'm a partner in kamagra super p force Homeland Security said a mile-wide tornado touched down near the town of Cherokee, cutting a Texas megachurch outbreak was sparked by a non-vaccinated visitor who was infected  Nashville tornado, Super Tuesday, coronavirus outbreak; This Week in Photos. ABC News.
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By the end of the day Our presentation on the super Tuesday tornado outbreak. Blog.
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The tornadoes also hit populated areas. It was Super Tuesday as many headed to the polls, then headed for cover as a major tornado outbreak hit the central portion of the country. Arkansas was in the middle of it. By the end of the day Our presentation on the super Tuesday tornado outbreak. Blog.